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Christina Nyquist Saving Money by Switching to Natural Gas: The Natural Gas Fleet Savings Calculator

Across the country, city buses, refuse vehicles, delivery trucks and even taxi and limousine services are saving money and reducing tailpipe emissions by switching from gasoline and diesel to natural gas.

Now, the Drive Natural Gas Initiative (Drive Nat Gas) has worked with Ricardo, a leading firm in sustainable energy technology, to help make it easier for vehicle fleet owners to make that switch.

The Natural Gas Fleet Savings Calculator lets users conduct a preliminary analysis and calculation of the payback period for converting a fleet, or part of a fleet, to natural gas.

Drive Nat Gas and Ricardo will host a free, public webinar on Tuesday, November 27th at 11 am EST to present the tool and give a tutorial, and will answer questions from the audience.

Expanding the use of natural gas in transportation delivers both economic and environmental benefits. On average, natural gas is currently 47 percent less expensive than an equivalent gallon of gasoline, and 59 percent less expensive than equivalent gallon of diesel. Natural gas-powered vehicles can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent compared to gasoline- fueled vehicles.

Using natural gas at the pump can provide significant cost savings. Yet making the initial investment to switch to natural gas vehicles and ensuring the infrastructure exists to fuel it can be daunting to businesses and individuals concerned with the bottom line.

Fleet vehicles, – like delivery trucks, refuse vehicles, transit buses and more – may see a significant benefit from making the initial investment to switch to natural gas. This is because fleet vehicles use more fuel than the average passenger car or truck, and frequently return to the same base to refuel, making them less reliant on a steady supply of fueling stations.  Fleets also replace their vehicles more frequently than lighter-duty vehicles. This may make it easier for them to recover the initial investment costs in a shorter amount of time.

As more fleets make the switch and encourage investment in fueling stations and infrastructure, it will become easier for lighter-duty vehicles to follow suit. More vehicles powered by domestic natural gas across the country will spur our economy, increase our energy security and improve our environment. AGA and Drive Nat Gas work every day to make those goals a reality.

Drive Nat Gas is a membership-based, collaborative effort of natural gas utilities and producers seeking to further develop the use of clean, domestic, affordable natural gas as a transportation fuel.  Through Drive Nat Gas, over 50 natural gas industry members  work to expand the role natural gas can play in enhancing national and energy security, improving air quality and providing America with a more affordable and reliable source of transportation fuel.

To join tomorrow’s webinar and learn more, contact Christina Nyquist at cnyquist@aga.org.

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