The American Gas Association (AGA), which has served and represented the interests of natural gas utilities and their customers since 1918 – has its own blog, “True Blue Natural Gas.” We are starting the energy conversation and we invite you to join us in discussing not just natural gas issues, but energy issues as well. With the price of all energy going up and down like that proverbial rollercoaster, and everyone wondering why, we can’t think of a better time to add our voice to the debate. What is more, we are especially proud of the role that natural gas has always played, and will continue to play, in meeting not only our nation’s energy needs, but also our environmental goals. Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It is also domestically abundant and it is delivered to America’s 70,000,000 homes, businesses and industries through a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible delivery system that is the envy of the world.

Below you will see a disclaimer pointing out that the “opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations” of our bloggers are not necessarily those of AGA. We purposely want our bloggers to feel free to express their opinions on a wide variety of energy and energy-related topics, including, but not limited to, those areas in which they are truly experts. We picked our bloggers because they are creative and enjoy a good conversation, but also are very enthusiastic about joining the blogosphere. As our blog notes, we want to engage you in a dialogue and as you all know well, in the blogosphere the possibilities are endless. To that end, our bloggers believe they can educate you on energy issues, but they also believe they can learn from you. So let the energy conversation begin!

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