Tom Moskitis Affordable energy needed for economic resurgence

As a lifetime advocate for natural gas and a longtime AGA lobbyist in the Nation’s Capital, I have learned to respect the power of public opinion. It can shape public policy, doom legislation or help propel it into law. I can attest firsthand to the influence that public opinion, particularly that of organized consumers, had on the fate of cap-and-trade energy legislation in the last Congress.

And here is where the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) and its president David Holt comes in.

CEA was started years ago when prices for energy, for natural gas especially, were high and volatile. AGA was with CEA back then, as demand exceeded supply and access to critical offshore natural gas supplies were (and still are) locked away behind a federal no leasing policy. Today the shale gas revolution has helped to reverse the supply-demand equation and accessible natural gas supplies are abundant and prices relatively stable.

As CEA has grown over the years to represent hundreds of thousands of consumers vitally concerned about achieving balanced, common sense energy policies so too has the importance of public opinion. If we are to continue to meet the nation’s growing demand for clean, reliable energy we must be allowed to responsibly produce America’s vast resources of our home-grown, clean fuel, natural gas.

AGA continues to partner with CEA, which serves on the front-line in educating consumers and shaping important public opinion. For more on this important topic, I encourage you to read David Holt’s recent column in the Houston Chronicle which is spot-on.  I also highly recommend everyone get a copy of CEA’s new report for a great summary of a common sense pathway forward.

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