Chris Hogan AGA Supports Removal of Deep Water Drilling Ban

America’s offshore oil and natural gas production has had an exceptional record of safety and environmental stewardship, and just as the entire space program was not scrapped after the Challenger accident, AGA believes it critical that the professionalism and responsibility of all offshore exploration not be judged solely by the BP incident in the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to the impact homegrown energy has on our national security, it plays a significant role in creating jobs and sustaining the U.S. economy. So, while the removal of the ban will not turn the tide overnight, it is a step in the right direction and we are pleased to see the administration lift the deep water drilling ban.

Natural gas can be found in abundance on American soil, with more than 100 years of supply at our fingertips. This clean, efficient, affordable fuel is available right now for home heating, cooking, water heating and power generation. AGA supports environmentally sound access to our country’s vast resources of natural gas, both onshore and offshore.

With the right policy decisions from our lawmakers, AGA’s 195 member utilities will continue to deliver natural gas safely and reliably to their 70 million U.S. natural gas customers for many years to come.

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