Pam Lacey AGA at the Green Inaugural Ball

AGA is an enthusiastic “Green Sponsor” of the Green Inaugural Ball to be held on Jan. 19, 2009 in the National Portrait Gallery.  This event is spearheaded by the wind and solar energy associations, who have welcomed participation by other like-minded groups — such as AGA — that support a diverse energy supply that maximizes energy efficiency and renewable energy.  The Green Inaugural Ball celebrates the network of organizations, corporations, and individuals committed to creating the new energy economy that will repower, rebuild, refuel and restore America.


Events like this are important for us because it gives us a chance to network with other energy leaders so they understand how homes and businesses can reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint by using efficient natural gas equipment.  And personally, it is like going to a reunion of all my favorite policy wonks from the Obama energy and environmental team as well as friends from past work for the Gore and Bill Clinton campaigns.  My husband Dick Bradshaw was a Clinton appointee at DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EE&RE) and we are both really looking forward to going.

For more info on the Green Ball, see:

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