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Video. We all love it. Admit it. You do, too. Don’t be embarrassed. I promise I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be ok.

A couple weeks ago I got pinged at least a dozen times about a certain video. People sent me links through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You know the video in question. I’m sure you got them, too. We weren’t alone either. The video is creeping up on one million views and that doesn’t include different versions or embedded ones.

According to YouTube people are watching hundreds of millions of videos a day and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. In fact, every minute, ten hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Facebook estimates that more than 10 million videos are uploaded by users each month.

Yep, everybody loves video.

One of my first interactions with AGA members was at the communications and marketing meeting last fall. As I was preparing to give my presentation on blogs, a ton of people came up to me with last minute requests. “Can you show our new commercial during the break. We’re really proud of it.” Or, “We’ve got this video that we think the group would like.” And so on. All of them were well done. I’m sure anyone there that day still remembers the polar bears.

Over the past year we’ve seen those great videos keep coming. From member companies to our partners, we just saw some great work telling the natural gas story. The story that we need people, including legislators, to understand.

One of my favorites. I may have to recues myself when this one comes up for voting.

People talk about vision all the time. Here’s a vision for you. We are going to build a place that holds all the best videos that answer the question “Why is natural gas so great?”

Here’s what we’re going to do.

AGA is putting together a contest. Anyone is eligible and can submit a video by leaving a link to the video in the comments below or emailing me at dgibson@aga.org. We’ll need to get your entry by August 31. We’re going to separate the videos into categories (safety, natural gas, natural gas utility) and select a group of finalists that will be voted upon on this blog by our readers. The winners will receive:

  • An award to commemorate their achievement
  • Free registration (up to two people) to the AGA communications and marketing meeting with an opportunity to speak about their experience making the video
  • A spotlight profile here on True Blue Natural Gas
  • An official AGA press release recognizing them to our media contacts

Most of you have already done the work. This is just a chance for recognition for that hard work. It’s also a chance to shine a spotlight on the natural gas industry. In a world where video can catch fire, AGA is looking for our natural gas video that can go viral. Help us find it.

Ugh…I can’t resist. Enjoy.

Dan Gibson

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Dan Gibson has lived on the web for more than 14 years. His travels have included the IEEE Computer Society, United Rentals, the National Association of Workforce Boards and the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals to name a few. The different perspectives he has gained from these various roles has enabled Dan to have a comprehensive view of the web, and the messages and conversations that happen there.
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