Lydia Meigs America Has a Crush on Natural Gas

What’s not to love?

Call it tradition or call it cupid’s arrow, but today AGA wants to share its affection for natural gas. 

Our burner tips are all a-flutter when we think of heating with natural gas because we know we have found a fuel that is committed to us for the long-term.  With domestic reserves that boast an abundant supply, which could sustain our energy needs for approximately 100 years, it is the energy source that everyone can depend on. 

You can always turn it on.  As consumers, we need to be able to rely on basic things like a warm home, hot water and the ability to cook food.  Natural gas is ready and waiting, even when the rest of your neighborhood is suffering a blackout.  In fact, natural gas is so reliable that many use it to back-up generators in case of power outages.  Other energy sources require you to keep a tank full, but natural gas is delivered through a pipeline, which means it is always there when you need it.

Is it really any wonder why AGA is gaga for natural gas?  With an abundant domestic supply America has a golden opportunity to start replacing tired old appliances with natural gas.  So, go on, show your valentine that you care by checking out a new on-demand hot water heater, a professional-grade stove or a natural gas clothes dryer.  Modern natural gas appliances are among the safest options to heat your home, cook your food, and dry your clothes and manufacturers continue to introduce new innovations to improve cost savings.  Forget the chocolates for your valentine and invest in natural gas: the gift that delivers.

Roses are red, gas flames are blue.  We love America’s clean fuel, how ‘bout you?


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