Arushi Sharma American Gas Association Files Comments on Responsible Shale Gas Resource Development with the Department of Energy

On October 26, the American Gas Association filed comments supporting the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Shale Gas Subcommittee’s (“Subcommittee”) recommendations for continuous improvement in the safety and environmental risk management practices associated with responsible shale gas resource development.  AGA commended the Subcommittee for a balanced 90-day “interim report, ” which was issued on August 18, 2011, and supported recommendations in the interim report.

AGA called for fact-based and transparent dialogue between stakeholders and the public, further reductions in air emissions benefits from effective use of resource production technology, continuous measurement and disclosure of water quality impacts from shale gas production, full disclosure of chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process, and reductions in the use of diesel fuel in equipment, engines and in hydraulic fracturing fluids.

AGA also supported the Subcommittee’s recommendation to  engage all critical stakeholders in a community-based, environmental impact dialogue surrounding natural gas resource development, adequately funding and staffing state and local agencies to fulfill a goal-oriented regulatory program.

AGA agreed with the Subcommittee that the federal government has a role in developing basic R&D associated with hydraulic fracturing technology.  AGA commented that the Department of Energy in particular serves an important role in providing independent analysis of the potential benefits, impacts, and further actions necessary to ensure environmentally responsible natural gas resource development.  AGA urged the Subcommittee to prepare its 180-day final report, due November 18, with a view to encourage policies to enhance the safe, effective and responsible use and deployment of our abundant, clean natural gas resource.

AGA’s comments have been electronically filed and are available on the AGA Website Page for Responsible Natural Gas Resource Development under the “Secretary of Energy Advisory Board” webpage. For more information, contact Arushi Sharma,

Arushi Sharma

About Arushi Sharma

Arushi Sharma is Associate Counsel, Energy & Environment, in the Regulatory Affairs group at American Gas Association, representing AGA's natural gas distribution member companies on issues before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Department of Energy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and other regulatory entities. She also addresses policy initiatives as part of the Policy & Planning Department at AGA, working on issues including responsible shale gas development, tax reform, and judicial developments affecting energy markets, environmental compliance, and administrative procedure. Before joining AGA, Arushi worked for the Chief Counsel for Regulatory Affairs at the National Marine Manufacturers Association and for Tax Counsel at the Tax Foundation. Arushi has spent time in international consulting, banking, publishing, environmental science and law, and tax law and policy fields. Arushi received a J.D. from the George Mason University School of Law and bachelors degrees in Economics, International Relations, and Environmental Management from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delhi. You can follow her views and news on natural gas law & policy on her twitter account at @law4natgas
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