Lauren Blosse The American Power Act

Like many of those in the energy industry, today we watched as Senators Kerry and Lieberman unveiled their climate change bill, the American Power Act, to the public.  We commend the senators, including Senator Graham, for reaching out to the many stakeholders of this bill, including business, consumer, and environmental groups, as they crafted language.

As expected, the bill is a mixed bag for natural gas utilities.   AGA is pleased to note that it includes proportional allowance allocation, and also recognizes that mandating that one-third of those allowances be spent on energy efficiency programs is not achievable. However, it does not meet other threshold criteria that AGA would like to see in any climate legislation, including end-use natural gas related research and development and carbon labeling for appliances.

AGA continues to point to the industry’s stellar emissions record –our customers have reduced carbon emissions by 40 percent over the last 40 years – as proof that our models are working, and working well.

For AGA’s full statement, click here.

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