Dan Gibson Atlanta Gas Light creating network of natural gas fueling stations

Here’s a great story about Atlanta Gas Light (AGL)’s plan to add compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling stations in Georgia. The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved $11.57 million in CNG fueling infrastructure that could be constructed over the next five years.

“Georgia is positioned geographically to be the hub for CNG fueling station expansion in the Southeast, and this new program will enable AGL to partner with private CNG investors to meet the region’s growing demand for CNG,” said Ian Skelton, Director of Atlanta Gas Light’s natural gas vehicle program. “Fleet owners and vehicle manufacturers recognize the significant price advantage CNG holds over petroleum and now AGL will be ready to serve the market as these Georgia-based commercial and municipal fleets switch to CNG.”

Public stations will allow any CNG customer to refuel using fleet management cards or standard credit cards. AGL is also going to use some of the proceeds to offer affordable low-cost leases of home refueling appliances to individuals that own CNG vehicles. Leases for these home refueling appliances are estimated to cost around $50-$60 per month.

This is definitely great news for natural gas vehicle owners. States like Utah are able to offer prices at less than half the $3.50 per gallon you see for gasoline and diesel across the country. One of the last great obstacles for NGV’s is getting the infrastructure up to speed. Programs like this will go a long way to making that happen.

You can read the whole story over at Atlanta Gas Light or CNGnow.

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