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Arushi Sharma is Associate Counsel, Energy & Environment, in the Regulatory Affairs group at American Gas Association, representing AGA's natural gas distribution member companies on issues before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Department of Energy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and other regulatory entities. She also addresses policy initiatives as part of the Policy & Planning Department at AGA, working on issues including responsible shale gas development, tax reform, and judicial developments affecting energy markets, environmental compliance, and administrative procedure. Before joining AGA, Arushi worked for the Chief Counsel for Regulatory Affairs at the National Marine Manufacturers Association and for Tax Counsel at the Tax Foundation. Arushi has spent time in international consulting, banking, publishing, environmental science and law, and tax law and policy fields. Arushi received a J.D. from the George Mason University School of Law and bachelors degrees in Economics, International Relations, and Environmental Management from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delhi. You can follow her views and news on natural gas law & policy on her twitter account at @law4natgas

Arushi Sharma AGA Stays On Top of the Natural Gas Resource Development Discussion

Today, AGA’s President and CEO Dave McCurdy commented on DOE’s Natural Gas Subcommittee final report on safety and environmental recommendations for the shale gas production industry. McCurdy commended the subcommittee for providing recommendations that embrace sustainable environmental practices, energy security and economic opportunity as key considerations in developing our nation’s abundant shale gas resources.

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Arushi Sharma Department of Energy Releases Recommendations for Shale Gas Development

The wait is over! The Department of Energy’s Shale Gas Production Subcommittee has issued a working draft of its 180-Day Report on public safety and environmental impact management for hydraulic fracturing and related activities.  The draft echoes the sentiments I’ve seen at Subcommittee meetings over the past few months, namely (1) kudos to the industry for coming together to work out solutions to actual and perceived problems, (2) direction to work harder and faster to address possible and actual safety and environmental impacts, and (3) cooperate quickly to get results.

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Arushi Sharma Habitat Conservation Plan

What does a natural gas transmission and distribution company with  a multi-state pipeline network have to do to minimize impacts on an endangered species?  Typically, the Endangered Species Act requires species-by-species permitting at regular intervals over several years, including review of habitat conservation plans for each species, on a state-by-state basis.  If a company is trying to protect multiple species’ habitats over an extended time period through several states, the existing regime can be too punctuated, burdensome and ad hoc for streamlined, holisitc habitat protection.

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Arushi Sharma National Grid ranks in Newsweek’s Green Rankings

Kudos to National Grid for being globally recognized as the top green utility in Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings Report. Newsweek evaluated companies based on environmental impact, environmental management, and disclosure. National Grid ranked 167 out of 500 worldwide companies, and was the top-scoring in the utility sector.  Factors considered in the ranking included emissions of greenhouse gases, water use, and solid waste disposal. The ranking recognizes and commends National Grid’s corporate responsibility and contribution to society.

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