Jake Rubin Big Automakers Pick Up on Low Natural Gas Prices

On Monday, Chevrolet and GMC announced that they will build the bi-fuel 2013 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 HD extended cab pickup trucks. On Tuesday, Ram Truck announced that they will manufacture a factory-built compressed natural gas-powered (CNG) pickup truck.  GE and Chesapeake Energy today announced an alliance aimed at encouraging the adoption of natural gas as a transportation fuel by developing infrastructure for compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and natural gas home-fueling technologies.

High gas prices are changing the gasoline-powered automobile market and once again natural gas is the right fuel at the right place at the right time.

Dave McCurdy is the president and CEO of the American Gas Association and former president and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

“These manufacturers understand the tremendous market potential for natural gas vehicles,” McCurdy said.  “The retail price of compressed natural gas averages about half the cost of gasoline, and everyone that buys natural gas vehicles is going to see it pay-off at the pump.”

“The bi-fuel 2013 Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra 2500 HD extended cab, and Chrysler Ram 2500 HD pickup trucks announced this week will give fleet consumers what they want – clean, reliable, cost-efficient vehicles.

“America’s natural gas utilities encouraged these manufacturers to bring bi-fuel vehicles to market and are ready to support them by purchasing these vehicles in our own fleets.  We’re confident that fleet customers from a wide variety of businesses will take advantage of the same opportunity and want to purchase these new CNG models.”


Jake Rubin

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Jake Rubin is AGA's Director, Public Relations and Executive Communications. Prior to coming to AGA, Jake was Press Secretary for Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND). He has worked as a communications strategist for a Congressman, advocacy organizations and political campaigns at every level. Jake holds a B.A. in American Studies with a minor in Journalism from Brandeis University. He earned his M.A. in Political Management from George Washington University. You can follow him on twitter @aga_jake
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