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Jennifer O'Shea Natural Gas Utilities Recognized for Residential Customer Satisfaction

J.D. Power’s recently released the 2015 Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySM, which shows that customer satisfaction with residential gas utilities continues to increase. According to J.D. Power, in 2015, overall customer satisfaction with residential gas utilities has increased by 27 points to 671 from 644 in 2014, “continuing an upward trend to an unprecedented level in the study’s history.”

The study, which measures residential customer satisfaction with gas utility companies across six factors (in order of importance): billing and payment; price; corporate citizenship; communications; customer service; and field service, ranks large (serving 400,000 or more residential customers) and midsize (serving between 125,000 and 399,000 residential customers) utility companies in four geographic regions: East, Midwest, South and West. The study is based on more than 66,000 responses from residential customers of 83 large and midsize gas utilities across the continental United States and satisfaction is calculated on a 1,000-point scale.

The following AGA members ranked highest in customer satisfaction in their respective region: New Jersey Natural Gas (East Large), Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania and Elizabethtown Gas in a tie (East Midsize), MidAmerican Energy (Midwest Large), Alliant Energy (Midwest Midsize), Oklahoma Natural Gas (South Large), TECO Peoples Gas (South Midsize), NW Natural (West Large), and Cascade Natural Gas (West Midsize).

AGA members deliver clean, efficient and affordable natural gas to more than 177 million Americans and are a true partner in the communities they serve. Many utilities have served their customers for more than 100 years.

Congratulations to all the AGA members who were recognized by J.D. Power.

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Lisa O'Leary AGA Members Among 2015 Most Trusted Natural Gas, Combination Utilities

Utilities Building Brand Trust Among Residential Customers

According to a recent study published by Cognet Energy Reports, trust in utilities from residential customers continues to increase. The score for brand trust increased by 29 points over the 2014 score to 685 (on a 1,000-point scale), according to the Residential Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement study, which also measures the overall customer engagement relationship. Brand trust is comprised of six factors: company reputation and advocacy, customer focus, community support, communication effectiveness, environmental dedication and reliable quality.

Multiple American Gas Association (AGA) members were among the most trusted natural gas and combination utilities ranked in the study, achieving top regional designation (or top two in region) and a brand trust score above the utility average of 685. AGA is proud to congratulation the following members:

Natural Gas
TECO Peoples Gas – 767
Piedmont Natural Gas – 766

Southwest Gas – 763
SoCalGas – 757
NW Natural – 746

Columbia Gas of Ohio – 736
Citizens Energy – 699

New Jersey Natural Gas – 723
UGI Utilities – 699
National Fuel Gas – 689

Combination (Natural Gas & Electric)
CPS Energy – 748

Northwestern Energy – 688

DTE Energy – 723
Wisconsin Public Service – 717
MidAmerican Energy – 714
Xcel Energy – Midwest – 714
Consumers Energy – 709
Alliant Energy – 709

Delmarva Power – 689

Cogent Report 2015

The results of the study were taken from a web-based survey among residential electric and natural gas utility customers of the largest 125 utility companies in the U.S., based on residential customer counts. Among the factors composing brand trust, customer focus, as well as company reputation and advocacy were key drivers and improved the most over last year, according to the study.

AGA utility members deliver clean and affordable natural gas to more than 177 million Americans, and work consistently to enhance safety and reliability, strengthen and grow our country’s infrastructure, improve our environmental footprint, and give back to the local communities they serve – some as many as 100 years.

To learn more about the 2015 Residential Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement study, click here.

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Christina Nyquist Meeting the Needs of the Modern Natural Gas Customer

2015 EEI/AGA Customer Service Conference Explores the Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Age

Did you know that the average American home has 26 appliances? Since Robert Bunsen invented the first natural gas burner in 1885, we’ve come to rely on a diverse array of household tools to provide essential daily needs like heating, cooling, cooking and bathing. Our dependence on these appliances makes seamless energy delivery critical, and energy utilities are dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers.

For decades, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI)/American Gas Association (AGA) Customer Service Conference has been the leading energy utility customer service conference in the world, bringing together energy and natural gas utility professionals to discuss ways to better serve customers and enhance energy delivery. At this year’s conference in Washington, D.C., the core tradition of reliably and safely delivering energy while providing excellent service remained the theme, as attendees discussed how to leverage and manage technology to further enhance the modern customer experience.

AGA Senior Vice President and COO Lori Traweek speaks on panel discussing “Perspectives on Utility Customer Service in the Future.” L-R: Charles Dickerson, Pepco; Tanya Hudson, Washington Gas; Rick Tempchin, EEI; The Honorable Branko Terzic, FinMetrix LP.

AGA Senior Vice President and COO Lori Traweek speaks on panel discussing “Perspectives on Utility Customer Service in the Future.” L-R: Charles Dickerson, Pepco; Tanya Hudson, Washington Gas; Rick Tempchin, EEI; The Honorable Branko Terzic, FinMetrix LP.

Today’s technology landscape has changed the way we use energy, as well as customers’ expectations for interacting with their local utilities. Attendees heard from panels and participated in workshops on leading customer service practices and emerging trends, challenges and opportunities, with remarks from industry leaders including AGA Chairman and President and CEO of WGL Holdings, Inc. Terry McCallister and AGA COO and Senior Vice President Lori Traweek. Discussions explored how to use online and digital platforms to provide greater flexibility, better communication with customers, response during emergencies and facilitate bill paying. More and more, energy utilities are offering mobile and online platforms for bill payment and outage communications and alerts. Utilities are also leveraging social media channels and online chat platforms to build relationships, talk with customers, increase engagement and spread important messages. And innovations in technology throughout the energy delivery chain have made the process safer, more reliable and more efficient than ever.

Yet along with these tremendous opportunities to provide solutions for customers, the digital world has created new challenges – particularly on the security front. As more functions and data move online, working to ensure that utility systems are secure from cyber threats grows increasingly critical. Defense expert and author of the book America the Vulnerable Joel Brenner delivered the keynote address, detailing the ever-changing threats posed by cyber hackers and attackers. Throughout the conference, panelists and breakout sessions examined today’s threats to energy delivery and customer privacy, and leading practices to combat those threats. Safety has always been the core value for natural gas utilities, and AGA and its member companies continue to work to enhance both the physical and cyber security of their delivery systems.

Joel Brenner, author of American the Vulnerable, discusses “Utility Customer Service in a Vulnerable World” at EEI/AGA CSC 2015.

Joel Brenner, author of American the Vulnerable, discusses “Utility Customer Service in a Vulnerable World” at EEI/AGA CSC 2015.

For nearly 200 years, natural gas utilities have delivered energy to homes and businesses. Though technology has changed, their commitment to safe, reliable energy delivery and exemplary customer service has stayed strong. In April 2016, the EEI/AGA Customer Service Conference will join CS Week – the largest utility-focused customer service conference in the world. Transitioning to CS Week provides all of the benefits of the EEI/AGA Customer Service Conference on a larger scale, and AGA looks forward to continuing to elevate the natural gas customer experience.

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Richard Meyer Natural Gas Market Indicators: April 15, 2015

A new study from Washington State University shows that methane emissions from U.S. natural gas distribution systems are 70 percent below current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates of those emissions. Based on data collected from pipeline leaks, meter and regulator stations, and city gates within 13 utility systems across the country, the study’s authors found that emissions from local distribution companies (LDCs) have decreased over the past 20 years due to upgrades, changes in pipeline materials, and better leak detection and survey methods.

As we often report here in the “Market Indicators” blog articles, industry experience and performance exists on a spectrum – one that is often improving in terms of practices and technologies, as well as the regulatory precepts that oversee these activities. This study demonstrates improvements to gas utility system safety and environmental performance, but it is also part of a larger industry trend of better overall performance.

Visit this link to download the full Natural Gas Market Indicators report. Topics covered in this week’s report include: Reported Prices, Weather, Working Gas in Underground Storage, Natural Gas Production, Shale Gas, Rig Counts, Pipeline Imports and Exports, and LNG Markets.

Please direct questions and comments to Chris McGill at or Richard Meyer at

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