Chris McGill

Chris McGill 2013Chris McGill is the Managing Director Policy Analysis at the American Gas Association (AGA), which was founded in 1918 and represents 202 local energy companies that deliver natural gas throughout the United States. During his 21 years at the association, he has served as Manager Gas Supply, Director of Gas Supply and Statistics and Director of AGA’s Houston Office – in addition to his current position.

Chris’s work is in the assessment of future supplies of natural gas, domestic production, underground storage, key pipeline transportation issues, winter heating season planning and other related topics in the gas industry. He is an active spokesperson on many natural gas supply topics, representing local gas utility points of view to industry, regulators, legislators and the public. In addition, he has authored numerous articles, energy analyses and issue briefs on these subjects, as well as, created and managed statistical time-series data focused on key industry benchmarks

Chris previously worked as an exploration and development geologist for Texaco, Inc. in New Orleans, Louisiana; Consolidated Gas Supply Corporation in Clarksburg, West Virginia; and Marsh Operating Company in Amarillo, Texas before joining AGA. Chris participates as a Director on the board of the Potential Gas Agency (Colorado School of Mines) and is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.