Dan Gibson Clean Cities Success Story: New York Sanitation using compressed natural gas

Clean Cities is a government-industry partnership sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE)’s Vehicle Technologies Program. With almost 90 local coalitions and more than 5,700 stakeholders, Clean Cities’ mission is to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector. We’ve written about Clean Cities a few times in the past.

They have a new section of videos showcasing alternative fuels (think compressed natural gas) and advanced vehicles. They’ve had great segments on Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the city of Kansas City already. Here’s another good one on the New York City department of sanitation.

The New York City Department of Sanitation has the nation’s largest municipal refuse fleet. That fleet includes a ton of vehicles using alternative fuels including hybrid electric and natural gas powered refuse trucks. They don’t stop there though.

NYC’s 2,000 other diesel refuse trucks run on renewable B5 biodiesel as do 450 of their street sweepers. Compressed natural gas fuels another 25 and the alt-fuel list also includes hundreds of light duty gasoline-electric hybrids used by field supervisors along with 6 all-electric GEMs that move around the repair shop.

The fleet has a big job in collecting 22 million pounds of garbage daily, so it’s nice to see them keeping it “clean and green.”

You can view the video above or hop on over to the Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center Web site for more. Be sure to visit the AGA YouTube channel if you’re looking for more great natural gas videos.

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