Dan Gibson Clean Cities Success Story: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Clean Cities is a government-industry partnership sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE)’s Vehicle Technologies Program. With almost 90 local coalitions and more than 5,700 stakeholders, Clean Cities’ mission is to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector. We’ve written about Clean Cities a few times in the past.

They have a new section of videos showcasing alternative fuels (think compressed natural gas) and advanced vehicles including this one focusing on the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport.

The Dallas/Fort Worth airport is huge with more than 700,000 takeoffs and landings a year. That makes it the third busiest airport in the world behind Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia and O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.

When you’re that big, you’re really more like a city than an airport. DFW, which covers 29 square miles, has their own fire department and a fleet of more than 500 maintenance vehicles. Most of these maintenance vehicles operate on compressed natural gas (CNG) using the CNG refueling station built at DFW in 2000.

DFW uses about 1.7 million gallons of compressed natural gas a year, instead of gasoline or diesel fuel. I’ll need to ask someone in ops to help calculate what the CO2 savings are for using that much CNG as opposed to gasoline.

We embedded the video in the post and here’s the link to the story on Clean Cities. Keep an eye out if you’re flying through DFW.

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