Melanie Lyons Closing out the International Builders Show

As the International Builders Show draws to a close here in Vegas, the mood is somewhat somber with glimmers of hope for a turnaround.  As this article from the Wall Street Journal, reported direct from the Las Vegas Convention Center, explains “Single-family-housing starts, which fell 40% to 617,000 in 2007, are expected to drop to about 441,000 this year — the lowest since records have been kept…  That would be a nearly 75% drop from the industry’s highwater mark of 1.7 million single-family starts in 2005.”  These figures were released by NAHB at the show.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom.  Green was the name of the game.  This piece by the Associated Press tells the greens story that was displayed at the show.  And did a little blurb on our fellow booth mates from the Council for Responsible Energy.


Our booth at the International Builders Show.

Just as the show was getting ready to close for the evening, the AGA booth was visited by NAHB board member Bob Nielson. He visited with Jeff Shaw from Southwest Gas, AGA staff and had a look at all the great products displayed in the American Gas Industry booth.  AGA staff look forward to another great Homebuilders Show in Las Vegas next year!


Tom Moskitis, AGA Managing Director, Jeff Shaw, CEO, Southwest Gas Corporation, and Bob Nielson, second vice chairman, board member, NAHB.

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