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Here’s a nice article to build upon Paula’s congressional staff briefing post. The EPA recognized the Conestoga Landfill Gas Utilization Project through their Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP). The program acknowledges excellence in innovation and creativity, success in promoting project development, and achieving environmental and economic benefits.

Conestoga Landfill Gas Utilization Project

Granger Energy of Morgantown, LLC (Granger) spearheaded a project that created one of the largest multi-user projects in the nation. The many partners involved in making the project a reality, including UGI Utilities, is a great example in collaboration. The project includes a 9-mile pipeline that links two independently owned and operated landfills, a utility, and seven end users.

Some of the project’s highlights include:

  • Designed for 7,200 scfm, the LFG processing facility is one of the largest in the country
  • 9-mile pipeline bores under four highways and two year-round streams
  • 27 acres were purchased to house the off-site LFG processing facility
  • 13,000 sq.ft. LFG processing facility was constructed in only 5 months
  • Project serves 23 boilers, four oil heaters, two process water heaters, four ovens, two remote thermal oxidizers, one space heater, and two rooftop building heaters

Here’s a pdf that gives details and statistics on the project. It’s fairly large so it may take a moment to download.

Conestoga Landfill Gas Utilization Project

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