Dan Gibson Congrats to Consumers Energy on their PayItGreen Award

I got an email from Dan Gretzner the other day letting me know that Consumers Energy had won the 2011 PayItGreen Award. The award, presented by the Electronic Payments Association (NACHA), recognizes “the individual or organizational leadership, vision, and innovation in the education and promotion of electronic payments, statements, and billing to reduce the impact of paper on the environment.”

What that really means is that Consumers Energy is doing a great job making a green and  efficient payment network. More than 500,000 Consumers Energy customers, or nearly 20 percent of the company’s residential customers, receive an eBill. Approximately 1.1 million of the company’s 2.9 million customers pay electronically each month. That’s an impressive percentage.

Consumers Energy is really using the web as a customer service tool. Besides being able to pay bills online, customers can also report a meter read; start, transfer or stop an electric or natural gas service; check electric or gas rates; or track home energy use. There’s even a mobile app that allows customers to report a power outage and receive a service restoration time estimates.

The green efforts don’t just happen outside Consumers Energy.

95 percent of company’s nearly 8,000 employees receive their pay via direct deposit and Consumers Energy converted its internal lockbox so that they now processes 99 percent of its payments electronically.

You can read a release about the award here and more about the program here. Congrats again Consumers Energy. Nice work. If there’s something I left out about your programs, someone from the team can feel free to leave a comment below.

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