Dan Gibson Congratulations Mary Jane McCartney on AGA’s Distinguished Service Award

I had the opportunity to go to AGA’s board of directors dinner the other night in the Mansfield Room at the Capitol. At this special dinner, AGA honored Mary Jane McCartney with its highest service award. It’s always a pleasure when we can recognize one of our outstanding members for all the hard work they do for our association and the industry. Mary Jane seemed to enjoy herself immensely. I’ve included a couple pictures and the transcript from Bob’s remarks introducing Mary Jane.

Mary Jane McCartney and AGA Chairman Robert Skaggs

Remarks from AGA Chairman Robert Skaggs

I have the privilege this evening to recognize someone who has provided extraordinary service to our industry and our association with AGA’s Distinguished Service Award.

First, let me thank Niel Ellerbook of Vectren, who chaired the 2009 selection committee, and David McClanahan of CenterPoint Energy and Doug Yaeger of Laclede, who served on the award committee.  Gentlemen, thank you.

AGA’s Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor that any member of this association can receive, and our recipient is most deserving. This is the first time the award has been made to a female colleague – and it should come as no surprise that I am talking about Mary Jane McCartney, former senior vice president of Consolidated Edison Company of New York.

David N. Parker, president and CEO of the American Gas Association and Mary Jane McCartney

Named one of the Most Influential Women in New York City Business by Crain’s New York Business in 2007, she was recognized as being responsible for gas delivery to 1.1 million homes and offices in New York City and Westchester, supervising a team of 1,000.   During her tenure natural gas usage increased 150 percent.   Mary Jane — Are you sure you want to remain retired?  I think some of us would like to see those numbers.

Crain’s further noted that in addition to the positive effect natural gas has had in helping Consolidated Edison of New York reduce CO2 emissions, Mary Jane shepherded innovations such as robotic gas-pipe sealers on New York City’s streets.

She was also recognized in 2007 with Consolidated Edison’s Living our Values Award – it is the most prestigious honor the company bestows on an employee.  This award recognizes employees who personify the corporate values of service, honesty, concern, courtesy, excellence, and teamwork, at work and home.

Mary Jane’s record of leadership in our industry has been exemplary.  Her hard work and dedication to excellence throughout her entire career has been a model for all.  Through her efforts, our industry has been able to successfully navigate many significant challenges.

When AGA formed the Government Relations Policy Committee in 1996 to guide AGA in its core mission, advocacy, Mary Jane was one of the first asked to serve, and her knowledge, wisdom and leadership never failed to advance the cause and interests of AGA members.  She continuously served on that committee from 1996 to 2009.

Whenever the natural gas sector needed to come together to solve a problem, she was among the first asked to help guide the effort, if not lead it.  She was a very active and vocal member in AGA’s Climate Change Task Force, Demand Task Force, Leadership Council, Marketing Communications Committee, Research Committee, Supply Task Force and Taxation Committee.

In addition to AGA, the organizations in which she served or led include the Gas Technology Institute (from which she retired as chairman); the Gas Industry Standards Board; the North American Energy Standards Board; the Northeast Gas Association, the International Gas Union; and the Society of Gas Lighters.

Certainly our industry, and our association, owes a huge debt of gratitude to Mary Jane, one that we can only partially pay by recognizing her with AGA’s Distinguished Service Award.

Mary Jane, so glad that you and your husband George could take time from your valuable personal time to travel down from New York to join us.

Dan Gibson

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