Dan Gibson A Conversation with Clean Transportation Experts

The EcoStrategy Alliance, a part of the LRN network, is putting on a webinar called “Getting from A to B in EVs & NGVs: A Conversation with Clean Transportation Experts.” The webinar features  Arun Banskota, Director of EV Services at NRG, and Kathryn Clay, Executive Director of the Drive Natural Gas Initiative. The session is going to be moderated by Elizabeth Lowery, LRN Senior Knowledge Leader in Environmental Responsibility.

They are going to cover policy, new technology development, and business strategy, as it relates to the alternative fuel vehicle industry. The end of the session will be an extended question and answer session.

As you get ready for the session, you can pop over to drivenaturalgas.org to read more about natural gas vehicles and the Drive Natural Gas Initiative. Drive Natural Gas is a collaboration between more than 50 producers and distributors of natural gas to promote the development of natural gas vehicles and infrastructure throughout North America.

Dan Gibson

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Dan Gibson has lived on the web for more than 14 years. His travels have included the IEEE Computer Society, United Rentals, the National Association of Workforce Boards and the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals to name a few. The different perspectives he has gained from these various roles has enabled Dan to have a comprehensive view of the web, and the messages and conversations that happen there.
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