Lydia Meigs Dave McCurdy Discusses NGV Legislation

Natural Gas is Setting the Foundation for America’s Energy Future

During today’s E&E TV OnPoint interview, Dave McCurdy, president and CEO of the American Gas Association, discussed the U.S. House of Representative’s recently proposed NAT GAS Act and talked about the prospects for a clean energy standard. He explained that the political climate is primed right now for capitalizing on the growth of natural gas production due to the increased domestic demand coupled with the global concern about our country’s reliance on foreign fuel supplies.

So, let’s start with the transportation sector.

The NAT GAS Act will help reduce America’s reliance on foreign energy supplies by encouraging the use of abundant, domestic natural gas as a transportation fuel. There are immense opportunities for the development of the natural gas market as the bill focuses on the use of natural gas-powered alternatives for traditionally fueled fleet vehicles,which will have a significant and positive environmental impact. This is an initiative already seeing success in many cities, including Washington, DC.

AGA is proud to support the use of American natural gas resources to encourage cleaner, more efficient transportation options and enhanced energy security. Click here to hear Dave’s entire interview on E&E TV.

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