Dan Gibson Day one of the marketing/communications meeting is in the books

Day one of the marketing and communications meeting is over and I’m exhausted. It was a full day. We’re doing the meeting along with the Operations meeting so there are more than 600 attendees here. Quite a crowd.

The day was chocked full of events so I’ll give you a quick run down. We started with a policy and energy update from Kevin Book. Kevin is a leading energy expert and the Managing Director of Research at Clearview Energy Partners. Lori came in and gave our group an update from the executive committee. Mary Usovicz from Repsol Energy North America gave us something to think about in her Marketing Natural Gas 101 presentation which was a natural spring board to “Natural Gas Branding” from the folks at Council for Responsible Energy. The group did breakout discussions by region talking about some of the challenges and opportunities they’re facing. Good reports out of this session.

The afternoon started with “Win-Win Collections” from Americollect CEO Kenlyn Gretz. Eric Burgis from Energy Solutions Center followed that showing us some of the excellent resouces available from his organization. Gary Swan and Sunny Dent from the National Energy Foundation closed the day’s sessions with a great “Lingo” game. Evening receptions and dinner and, bam, it’s 10:30 and time for bed for Dan after a quick call home.

The presentations were excellent but one of my favorites was Kevin Book’s analysis of the current state of policy in DC and his thoughts on where it might lead. Some bullets from his first slide:

Where We Are

  • The “Fuel Fight”
  • The Zone of No Accountability
  • The Moratorium … and Risk That Washes Ashore
  • After “Big Climate”

What to Watch

  • Likely: Tax policy reforms
  • Likely: Limited GOM throughput
  • Possible: Fracking policy changes: Pavilion and Pennsylvania
  • Improbable: Sweeping “spill policy”
  • Next year: Emissions Policy at the Core

You can download the full “Policy, Politics and Energy Update” presentation here. If you’re in Boston, let us know what you think of the event.

On my way to dinner towards the end of a full day.

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