Lydia Meigs Driving America’s Energy Future

Jerry Norcia, President of DTE Energy Is Driving Natural Gas

This is what we know. Lead by example, actions speak louder than words, and often times seeing is believing.

Well, scroll below and feast your eyes on what America’s transportation future looks like.

Jerry Norcia, president of MichCon, DTE Energy’s natural gas utility, put his money where his mouth is and converted his Harley Davidson edition Ford F-150 to run on natural gas. The current natural gas “gasoline gallon equivalent” price is $1.95, which means that his one of a kind NGV will cost him roughly half the cost to operate. Norcia purchased this vehicle, personally, to demonstrate the practicality of natural gas as an alternative transportation fuel.

Yes, Norcia’s wallet is enjoying the scenic route now that his popular gasoline-guzzler is running on clean natural gas. This fuel switch is symbolic of our own country’s shifting energy priorities – we need secure, affordable energy to power our way of life whether we are heating our home or driving to work. It is critical then, at this point and time, to be developing and capitalizing on the vast supply of clean natural gas we have right here.

My only regret is that I have to inform you that the F-150 is not being produced to run on natural gas yet, but perhaps it is a sign of things to come. Norcia worked with the Suburban Ford dealership that receives vehicles from Ford Motor Co. that are factory-prepped for conversion. The dealership then uses a third party specialist and then delivers a fully operational NGV to the customer.

Norcia is leading by example and we are delighted to be highlighting his story.

Harley Davidson Ford F-150 Natural Gas Truck. Photo Credit: DTE Energy

Harley Davidson Ford F-150 Natural Gas Truck. Photo Credit: DTE Energy

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