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The American Gas Association is a membership of the local energy utilities that deliver natural gas to your home. Dave does a much better job explaining it in his “Who is the American Gas Association” post. Still, I always focus on the local utility part of it. So, like a lot of people, Earth Day is a pretty big day for us.

AGA recently put out some pretty good public service announcements on energy efficiency. Chris McGill and the communications team (people besides me, I didn’t work on those) did a great job on them. If you haven’t heard them on your favorite radio stations then you can listen to them on our energy efficiency page.

Natural Gas Utilities on Earth Day

Our members do outstanding work in being caretakers of the environment. These are local utilities that employ people who live where they work. Of course they’re going to take care of their own neighborhoods. For them, every day is Earth day. Still, sometimes I think people forget this and we probably need to spend more time highlighting some of the excellent work that goes on out there.

Let’s take Nicor for example. Why Nicor? Well, because I really like Annette Martinez over there. :-) I popped her a quick email, “Hey you guys have anything we can profile for the blog on Earth Day?” I get back, “Sure. I’ll ask Richard Caragol to send you a little something.”

This is a little something.

The 2009 recycling statistics from Nicor Gas:

  • Paper recycled from GO – 270,160 lbs.
  • Used Oil & Antifreeze – 6,953 Gallons
  • Parts Washer Solvent – 570 Gallons
  • Oil Filters – 1,400 lbs
  • Computer Equipment/Electronics – 24,210 lbs
  • Universal Waste (including Batteries & Light Bulbs) – 4,959 lbs
  • Steel – 3,002,817 lbs (1501 tons)
  • Aluminum – 504,959 lbs (252 tons)
  • Copper/Brass – 3357 lbs
  • Plastic – 137887 (69 tons)

Richard also said that Nicor just won the 2010 SGA Environmental Excellence Award (for the fourth consecutive year I might add) for their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification initiative on a new facility in Des Plaines. We’ve talked about LEED certification before when Dominion did it. Going LEED is definitely taking the road less traveled. The facility is situated on about five acres and the building is 31,000 square feet to accommodate office space, vehicles, and storage. You can read the full details here.

We’re still in National Safe Digging Month you say? Well, I say check out Nicor’s release from today on calling your local 811 number before you dig to put in that spring garden. Good information there.

That’s just a few recent projects from one of our members. We’ve got almost 200 members doing the same kinds of things. Yes, Earth Day is very important to us.

If anyone wants to chime in and highlight something they’re doing in their community, feel free to leave a comment below.

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