Juanita Spence Executive Leadership Safety Summit

On November 7th and 8th, AGA hosted more than 140 guests at our 5th annual Executive Leadership Safety Summit.  This year’s event took place in Washington, D.C. and its theme was “Promoting Safety & Operational Excellence.”  Attendees heard from more than 20 speakers from both industry and government and had the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions on various safety-related issues.

Our speaker from the National Transportation Safety Board was the Hon. Christopher Hart, whose message focused on the benefits of collaboration and how it’s possible to improve safety and productivity at the same time.  U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood acknowledged the industry for its engagement in pipeline safety issues and pledged to work towards passage of the pipeline safety legislation.  The media was invited to hear Secretary LaHood’s address and both speakers took questions from the audience.

What would an AGA event be without an opportunity to relax and spend some time networking?  During the reception on Monday evening, we were joined by Senator Rand Paul and had the opportunity to speak with him.

Other highlights included a lunch address from PG&E’s Nick Stavropoulos on rebuilding trust in the community following San Bruno, and Tuesday’s CEO panel focused on strategies leaders can use to build a strong safety culture within an organization.  Tuesday afternoon also included a video presentation from Tom Taylor of Consumers Energy called “In the Blink of an Eye.”  The DVD provides very moving interviews with company staff involved in an incident where an employee life was almost lost.

The 2012 Executive Leadership Safety Summit will take place in conjunction with the Operating Section Fall Committee Meetings in Atlanta, GA in September.  As well as being invited to share information (DVD’s, books, posters, websites) on their company’s safety culture and procedures, members attending the 2012 Summit will have the opportunity to bring their contractors to the event to take away information and practices to improve safety ‘back home.’

The presentations from the 2011 Executive Leadership Safety Summit have been posted online and are available to full and limited members.  We’ve posted some of the photos below but you can see the full set here or at our Facebook page.

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