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If you missed my last post on the Green ball, let me just say again how excited AGA was to be a “Green Sponsor” of the Green Inaugural Ball. The event was a lot of fun and a great gathering of people who are working to create a new green economy through energy efficiency and clean energy. In case you are not aware, natural gas has great green properties. When used for direct applications in the home for space heating, cooking and heating your water, natural gas delivers tremendous efficiencies especially when compared to electricity which loses almost 70% of its energy by the time it reaches the home. By comparison, natural gas loses only 10 percent of its energy – 90% gets to the customer.  Natural gas customers in the United States also have a fantastic track record for efficiency, reducing consumption annually thereby reducing their carbon footprint.  Since 1970, the number of natural gas customers in the U.S. has risen from 38 million to more than 64 million homes and businesses – yet they collectively use less natural gas now than they did in 1970.  Think about that – they have not only achieved 1990 greenhouse gas levels – they have held the line at 1970 levels. Good jobs can be created by continuing the trend toward better weatherization and installing efficient natural gas equipment – including new technologies such as natural gas heat pumps and tankless hot water heaters combined with solar hot water equipment. We look forward to working with the new administration and all our green friends to use energy more efficiently and to create new green jobs.


I also got this message about the Green Economy Network.

Green Economy Network (GEN 09) was created by the organizers of the ball as a place where people can upload their videos and post comments on how they are participating and contributing to the development of America’s clean energy future. All of the content is user-generated with the exception of blogs that we are featuring from our host organizations. If you would like your organization’s blog to be included, let us know.

By supporting GEN 09, you can help online users join the attendees who will come together for one night to celebrate the new Administration and the talent and commitment of this important network. GEN 09, as conceived, will endure long beyond the end of the ball and represents the new economic base that will rebuild America on the belief that when ecology and economy are in unity, history is made.

So check us out and help to support GEN 09. Do your part by spreading the word. Post us on your organization’s website, twitter the event, blog about us, upload your most compelling videos on the green economy. In short, we want you and your constituencies to be a part of GEN 09: And look for more to come from this initiative after the inauguration.

I’m interested in seeing how many of you upload your own videos. Leave me a comment below if you do so I can check it out.

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