Lydia Meigs Guest Blogger, Michael Gray, senior at UGA, Examines Natural Gas Conversion Trend in the Keystone State

Nittany Lions and Philadelphia Eagles Go Green by Going Blue

The bright, blue flames will be taking over at University Park, sometimes known as Happy Valley, as Pennsylvania State University (PSU) turns to natural gas in for its energy needs. Plans to convert the coal-fired steam plant to natural gas plant have been approved. Estimated costs for the venture  are $25 million to $35 million.

In addition to PSU going green with blue, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to run on self-generated energy, 70 percent of which will be natural gas and biodiesel fuel. The remaining 30 percent will include a mixture of solar and wind generated energy. The Eagles postulate the move will save the franchise $60 million over the next 20 years and allow them to generate more energy daily than they need to operate on a typical game day. The new energy arrangement reduces greenhouse gas emissions at a rate equivalent to removing 41,000 vehicles from the road, according to Christina Lurie, wife of club owner Jeffrey Lurie and head of the Eagles’ “Go Green” environmental program.

In a recent interview, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said, “The leadership demonstrated here, our clubs are watching.  I think they may follow suit because they want to be responsible and do the right things in their communities.”

With the strong push towards energy efficiency, natural gas is clearly off the bench and in the game.

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