Lydia Meigs Hydraulic Fracturing Tour in the Barnett Shale

September 12-13, 2011, the AGA Communications and Marketing Committee convened for its biannual meeting at the same time as the AGA Operations and Engineering Committee held their meeting down in Fort Worth, TX. The two day conference, marked with Hill Country BBQ and honky-tonks, wrapped up with a tour of Chesapeake Energy’s hydraulic fracturing facilities in the Barnett Shale formation.

We definitely left Fort Worth on a high note getting to go beyond the headlines and learn about the technical options and best practices for hydraulically fracturing and producing natural gas.

The tour included:

  1. An active hydraulically fractured well site with an active drill rig in place
  2. A completed site with “Christmas Tree” producing natural gas in a rural location
  3. Ark Park – a completed hydraulically fractured and producing well site – in a large, landscaped suburban park
  4. A more typical small completed and producing site – in a small, landscaped suburban site

Below we’ve included a gallery of photos taken during the tour. Although you won’t feel the 106 degree weather, we hope these pictures illuminate what natural gas production looks like, up close and personal.

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