Lydia Meigs Kevin Hardardt Named CFO of the Year

AGA’s Kevin Hardardt on Tuesday night was named Non-Profit Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Year. It is truly an honor for our Association to congratulate Kevin on his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lifetime achievement marks a triumphant moment in anyone’s career, but for Kevin this recognition is symbolic of an important milestone marking 25 years with AGA. Kevin has been an integral part of affecting the growth and development of AGA while witnessing dynamic changes in the association world as a whole. Notably, in 1999 he oversaw AGA’s transition from Arlington, VA to Capitol Hill where the association was able to function in close proximity to the legislative and regulatory bodies that oversee the industry.

Here at AGA, we not only applaud Kevin’s accomplishment; we thank him for his exceptional work and dedication and cheer him on towards his future achievements.

AGA’s Kevin Hardardt pictured with Dave Parker, AGA president and CEO, receives CFO Lifetime Achievment Award.
Photo credit: Bisnow Media.
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