Dan Gibson Kids Say Darndest Things About Natural Gas

The folks over at Spectra Energy are at it again. Last year, they won the Natural Gas Video Award with a strong showing. Now they’ve gone out and interviewed children asking them questions about natural gas.

The questions include:

  • Where can we find natural gas?
  • How do you use natural gas?
  • What’s good about natural gas?
  • Why should we use more natural gas?

As you can guess, there are a wide variety of answers. There are the usual ones you’d expect (the first thirty seconds are great…I know I shouldn’t laugh at these but there is something hysterical about a small child saying natural gas is what comes out of people’s butts) but there are quite a few good answers as well. Don’t worry, Spectra does a great job of providing answers on the harder questions for the kids.

  • Natural gas is found in rock formations — deep in the ground and under the ocean
  • Natural gas is used to heat homes, cook food, generate electricity and more
  • Natural gas is clean, abundant, reliable and efficient.
  • More natural gas means cleaner environment, more jobs for the economy and better energy security

The video shows a lot of vision to me. It’s a great way to educate children on the reality of natural gas. You can watch the video below and leave a comment to let us know what you think. Be sure to visit the Spectra Energy YouTube channel for more videos. They’re doing great work.

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