Dan Gibson L.A. gets $25 million for natural gas buses as part of $928 million in FTA grants package

The Los Angeles Times is reporting the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority received $25 million for new buses that run on compressed natural gas as part of the Federal Transit Administration’s Bus Livability, Alternatives Analysis and State of Good Repair program. Overall, that program will provide federal grants totaling $928.5 million.

Funds from these grants will go toward replacing or refurbishing aging buses, building or improving bus terminals, garages, and other transit facilities, installing bus-related equipment, and conducting studies to help communities select the best transit options to meet future transportation needs.

The $25 million is part of the $126 million overall package California received, second only to New York at $164 million. The grants were awarded to more than 300 projects across the nation. The Detroit News goes into detail on the 16 projects in Michigan that received $46.7 million in grants. Among those projects, the Mass Transportation Authority in Flint will receive $3 million to purchase CNG coaches to replace commuter buses in its fleet that are beyond their useful lives.

Secretary LaHood wrote on his blog, “while we’re very excited to help fund the more than 300 projects that received federal funds, communities submitted more than 500 projects that we can’t just can’t fund right now. It doesn’t have to be this way. As soon as Congress passes the American Jobs Act, we can put thousands of Americans across the country to work building a competitive, 21st century transportation network to move a competitive, 21st century economy. Look, the reliability of America’s transportation does not take care of itself.  Our bus lines, railways and roadways require maintenance and improvements to keep America moving safely and efficiently.  The American Jobs Act will hire American workers to upgrade 150,000 miles of road, replace 4,000 miles of track, and restore 150 miles of runways to reduce travel time and delays and improve safety nationwide.”

Anything with more jobs is a good thing. Go over to his blog for a visit and the full read.

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