Pam Lacey Look who won an EPA Natural Gas STAR Award

I’d like to send out a quick “congratulations” to our member companies for their recent recognition as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Natural Gas STAR Award winners. They’re featured in the Winter 2008 Issue of the EPA’s Partner Update. Great job to all those on the list. Here’s a quick cut and paste with some background.

primary_logo_cecony_blue2Consolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Edison) – “Distribution Partner of the Year” award. Con Edison joined the Natural Gas STAR program in 1993 and has consistently reported voluntary methane emission reduction activities each year since joining. The company has reported some of the highest emissions reductions of any natural gas distribution company through the implementation of new and innovative technologies and practices. Con Edison has continued to be an active partner with the program and has been sharing information on methane emission reduction projects such as the Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot that has been featured by the EPA.

bg-hm-hdrLaclede Gas Company (Laclede) – “Rookie of the Year” award. Laclede joined the Natural Gas STAR program in 2007, and since that time has participated in the Annual Workshop and engaged the program early on to begin discussing methane emission reduction project ideas. Laclede submitted its first annual report in 2008 outlining its emission reduction activities, including a successful Damage Prevention Program which was featured in the Summer 2008 Partner Update. In addition, to submitting emission reductions for 2007, Laclede also reported its historical emission reduction data back to 1993. To gain support for their Program, their Implementation Manager works closely with colleagues in other departments to draw the link between emissions reduction and operation activities.

logo_header_oneokONEOK Partners – “Gathering and Processing Partner of the Year” award. ONEOK Partners joined the Natural Gas STAR Program in 2000 and recently reinvigorated its Program efforts – substantially increasing methane emission reductions. ONEOK has promoted education of employees on methane and greenhouse gas emissions through their corporate website and in company newsletters. They also share information about their participation in the Natural Gas STAR Program as part of corporate trainings at each of their subsidiaries. Three ONEOK subsidiary distribution companies recently joined Natural Gas STAR in 2007, expanding the company’s overall participation.

logoEl Paso Pipeline Group (El Paso) – “Transmission Partner of the Year” award. El Paso joined the Natural Gas STAR program in 1996 and since that time has reported the implementation of a variety of technologies and practices. For 2007, El Paso reported the highest new reductions of any partner in the transmission sector. El Paso has been a consistent supporter of the Natural Gas STAR Program advancing leak detection technologies, participating in workshops and providing detailed information on their impressive emission reduction activities to support the Program’s technology transfer efforts.

Other AGA member company award winners were: Puget Sound Energy – 5 Year participation in the Natural Gas STAR Program; Atmos Energy – 7 Year participation in the Natural Gas STAR Program; Iroquois Gas Transmission and PECO Energy Company – 12 Year participation in the Natural Gas STAR Program.

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