Dan Gibson Mercedes-Benz looking at compressed natural gas vehicle for U.S.

As I’m constantly looking for stories on natural gas and related materials, I come across quite a few about natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicles. Usually the story is about someone using natural gas as a fuel source for a fleet of vehicles. Great for the environment.

However, I found this one at leftlanenews.com the other day. Seems Mercedes was showing a compressed natural gas version of its B-Class small car at the recent Washington Auto Show. I didn’t get a chance to get down and see the vehicle. Did anyone else get a chance to see it?

The article goes on to say that Mercedes is strongly considering offering the technology in a U.S.-spec production vehicle and quotes Automotive News as its source.


We talk quite a bit around the office about the benefits of natural gas as opposed to other fuels. Here’s a good article on aftermarketcng.com examining some of the environmental benefits of natural gas as opposed to gasoline. Some of the highlights include:

  • Ozone—Reduced tailpipe emission of ozone precursors (NOx and NMHC) On a g/mile basis, average reductions in NOx of 66 percent and 85 percent for NMHC emissions.
  • Carbon monoxide—In normal driving conditions, at least 50 percent reduction in CO emissions and potential for 80-95 percent reductions under conditions like cold temperatures and acceleration.
  • Sulfur Dioxide—Reductions of 90 percent or greater in SO2 emissions.
  • Other gasses associated with global warming—At least 20 percent reduction in tailpipe emissions of global warming gases.
  • Air Toxins—Reductions in air toxic emissions of over 85 percent. Elimination of 1,3 butadiene emissions.
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