Dave McCurdy A message from AGA President and CEO, Dave McCurdy

My Start at AGA

I suppose most Americans will remember February 7, 2011, as the day after the Green Bay Packers won their fourth Super Bowl, but I will remember that day as the day I took the helm of the American Gas Association.

I come to AGA from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, where I served as president and CEO, and before that I led the Electronic Industries Alliance, so I am very familiar with the association world. I am also very familiar with the political process, having served seven terms as a member of Congress, representing the Fourth Congressional District of Oklahoma.

And, yes, I am also a “Sooner” and proud of it, in great part because Oklahoma is a state in which energy exploration and production is a way of life. I grew up in Oklahoma’s oil and gas patch, so I am very familiar with the amazing advances in technology that now allow us to produce energy in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. I am also well aware of the new unconventional sources of clean natural gas that are coming to market, especially shale gas, which has the potential to be a true game-changer with respect to our long-term domestic gas supply outlook.

AGA and its members deliver clean natural gas that can fuel our economy for hundreds of years to come, making us more competitive and energy independent, while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions along the way.  Simply put, clean natural gas is poised to deliver on many of the challenges we face today.

That is why I believe it’s time to put in place a national energy policy that meets the demands of a clean energy economy. Such a policy should feature increased domestic energy production, aggressive energy efficiency goals, a commitment to alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar and nuclear, and—most of all—a focus on the central role that clean, domestically abundant natural gas can and must play in fueling our future.   

To these ends, I ask you to join us in advocating practical, commonsense policies that integrate the entire fuel mix.  Together we can ensure our energy security, foster our economic growth and advance our environmental stewardship.

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