Dan Gibson An M.I.T. Plan for Natural Gas With Planet in Mind

Andrew Revkin over at the Times blog Dot Earth has a great story titled “An M.I.T. Plan for Natural Gas With Planet in Mind.” In the story he takes a look at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology new release “The Future of Natural Gas.” A couple snippets from the article that caught my eye:

M.I.T. team’s conclusion on hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”: The environmental impacts of shale development are challenging but manageable. Research and regulation, both state and federal, are needed to minimize the environmental consequences.

On gas to provide a flexible source of “fill in” power to complement expanded use of variable wind power: Furthermore, additional gas-fired capacity will be needed as backup if variable and intermittent renewables, especially wind, are introduced on a large scale. Policy and regulatory steps are needed to facilitate adequate capacity investment for system reliability and efficiency. These increasingly important roles for natural gas in the electricity sector call for a detailed analysis of the interdependencies of the natural gas and power generation infrastructures.

Be sure to take a trip over to read the full article.

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