Jennifer O'Shea MIT Sees Natural Gas in Your Future…

On Friday, June 25, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released a preliminary study entitled “The Future of Natural Gas” that explores the impact natural gas will have on meeting the country’s long term energy needs. This initial study focuses on power generation and transportation as “these sectors represent the two most significant opportunities for additional market share for natural gas.” The final report, however, will cover all demand sectors including residential and commercial markets. As you might imagine, we especially look forward to seeing what MIT finds with regard to this critical sector.

MIT found that natural gas usage will double—increasing from 20 to 40 percent—over the next several decades, and that the “versatility of natural gas and its environmental performance relative to other fossil fuels enhances its desirability in a carbon-constrained environment, particularly in the near to midterm.” The MIT team of researchers was led by Ernest Moniz, a physics professor and director of the MIT Energy Initiative.

This study has been two years in the making, but even before this research was deep underway, MIT was a proponent of natural gas, and they are currently working on developing new ways to employ natural gas to generate power.

We agree that there are a lot of great opportunities to put natural gas to greater use to more cleanly meet our country’s energy needs. We look forward to the final report.

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