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Today is National 811 day. Get it. August 11. 8 11. Nice, right? You’ve probably read our stuff on 811. We’ve been a big supporter of 811 here in the past.

But in case you haven’t.

811 is what you can dial on your phone to notify utilities that you will be digging on your property. The utility companies will then come to your property and mark the approximate locations of all utility-owned lines with paint or flags. It usually only takes them a few days to come out. And, best of all the 811 service is free and worth the time to prevent an accident.

Since the creation of 811, there has been roughly a 40 percent reduction in safety incidents. However, it’s still an issue. An underground utility line is damaged during digging projects every three minutes in the United States.

You can get a lot more information from the “Did you know” section on call811.com. They even have a special section for special section for children.

So join us in celebrating National 811 day. Enjoy the video below and make sure you call before you dig.

Dan Gibson

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