Dan Gibson Using natural gas the only ‘good news story’

Dave sat down with the Washington Times to discuss many of the topics related to natural gas you see in headlines today. From the economy to renewables to natural gas growth and shale gas, Dave touched upon a number of topics. I’ve pulled out a few quotes below.

On the economy and the positive economic impact that natural gas has brought to many communities: “There’s really only one good news story out there, and that’s natural gas.

On renewables: “If you have a growing economy, this doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. The pie is going to get larger. Consumer demand is going to increase. I think a lot of their concern, or their opposition, is a little less about the risk of the actual production [of natural gas] than it is the potential disadvantage that renewables have from a cost standpoint.”

On natural gas vehicles: “You can’t meet some of the fuel-economy requirements without natural gas. It’s a must.

On strategic thinking, one I’ve heard him say before, and as a communications professional I agree with: “We’re losing our capacity to think strategically. [I]t’s all short term. It’s all instantaneous. As an industry, we’re just asking government to take a little bit longer of an approach like we do and help us make decisions that can endure.

You can read the full story over at the Washington Times. You can also watch the video below or on YouTube.

Dan Gibson

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