Christina Nyquist Natural Gas: Its Promise for the Next Decade and Beyond

AGA’s market stability report shows natural gas is the right choice.

Natural gas is showing its value as the best fuel choice for consumers in terms of price, reliability and efficiency.

But some may remember a time when natural gas was sometimes viewed as an unreliable and scarce energy source. Yet a new analysis by AGA shows that is no longer the case. Stability is here to stay.

The American Gas Association has released “The Promise of Natural Gas,” a vision that points to a decade or more of relative market stability projected for this domestic, abundant fuel, and outlines what it means for our nation and utility customers.

There has been a transformational shift in the natural gas marketplace. This new analysis shows that natural gas promises to remain a foundation fuel for the next decade and beyond. With technology allowing for the safe and responsible extraction of a stable and domestic resource base, natural gas can drive our economic recovery, increase our energy security and fuel a wide spectrum of consumer and business energy needs.  Here’s how:

  • Domestic Abundance: The United States has a large, diverse, reliable, accessible and ultimately affordable natural gas resource base.
  • Technological Progress: Further technological developments will allow producers to access even  more of the resource as well as mitigate some of the environmental and social impacts of production. This will keep natural gas affordable and available for customers.
  • Room to Grow: The robust supply of natural gas means there is opportunity for demand to expand by increasing and diversifying the fuel’s use. Investments in applications in home heating and appliances, business needs, electricity generation, industrial plants, private vehicles, trucking fleets, and public transportation, exporting liquefied natural gas and more will support the long-term vitality of natural gas production.
  • Market Price and Stability: Even significant increases of demand will be supported by the tremendous and accessible resource base in the United States. This will keep the natural gas market stable for the next ten years and possibly beyond, no longer subjecting customers to drastic swings in prices.

So what does this mean for the consumer? Choosing natural gas, in your home , at your business or in your car, or in the workplace means you can expect your energy bills to stay stable and relatively low for the next ten years. Along with conservation efforts and smart choices, this leaves more money in your pocket.

Read more about the The Promise of Natural Gas on AGA’s website.

Christina Nyquist

About Christina Nyquist

Christina Nyquist is the Communications Specialist for the American Gas Association. Prior to joining AGA, Christina served as a Writer/Editor and Public Affairs Specialist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Christina holds a master’s degree from the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs.
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