Mike Pomorski Natural gas market indicators

Microsoft Word - NGMI 108 May 13 2009.doc

Many supply assets in the United States are growing and they are not limited to underground storage or domestic production. In fact, a September publication by the Energy Information Administration that examines the nation’s pipeline infrastructure notes that 2008 was a very strong year for capacity additions with nearly 3,900 miles of pipe adding 44.6 Bcf per day of cumulative capacity at a cost of about $11.4 billion.

Although some long-line project stages like Rockies Express contributed to the very active year, most 2008 investment was focused on smaller projects, which linked emerging supply areas to the interstate grid. Overall 84 projects were completed in 2008.

For the three-year period 2009-2011 another 180 projects of various sizes are planned although current economic conditions may impede the construction of some of the infrastructure.

Visit this link to download the full Natural Gas Market Indicator. Topics covered include: Reported Prices, Weather, Working Gas in Underground Storage, Natural Gas Production, Rig Counts, Pipeline Imports and Exports, and LNG Markets.

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