Richard Meyer Natural Gas Market Indicators

Natural gas consumers in the United States have been told to expect relatively stable natural gas costs (dependent on weather of course) and reliable supplies for the coming winter heating season. The proof is in the numbers: large underground storage volumes, record domestic production, and adequate access to pipeline and LNG imports when necessary.

So where are the flaws? Actually, they are very hard to identify, particularly in the short-term. The longer-term may see additional environmental requirements associated with production facilities or challenges to the economy or even continued rebalancing of investment dollars in oil and liquids plays rather than dry natural gas.

However, the argument can be made that even these issues are only a natural process of establishing economic equilibrium rather than a genuine attack on the viability of a balanced stable outlook for natural gas in our economy.

Visit this link to download the full Natural Gas Market Indicators.Topics covered include: Reported Prices, Weather, Working Gas in Underground Storage, Natural Gas Production, Rig Counts, Pipeline Imports and Exports, and LNG Markets.

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