Dave McCurdy Natural Gas Playbook

Every winning team needs a “playbook” and I am pleased to say that we finally have ours.  Our inaugural playbook—the 2011 version of the AGA Policy Handbook—is now available both in hard copy form and online at aga.org.  This playbook details the policy issues critical to maximizing the role natural gas can play in achieving our national goals of energy security, a cleaner environment and economic prosperity.  It also establishes a common set of facts on natural gas and our industry, including pipeline safety, resource development, energy efficiency, regulation and energy-related domestic jobs creation.  And finally, it outlines the history of natural gas, the challenges and opportunities of the natural gas industry, and the priority issues and strategies with respect to the production, transmission, distribution and use of America’s clean-burning, domestically abundant and highly efficient foundation fuel.

We purposely designed this playbook so that it can fit easily into a coat pocket, bag or purse, and we plan to distribute it widely on Capitol Hill, to administration officials, regulators, the media, and all other industry stakeholders both at the federal level and in the individual states.  To that end, we encourage you to peruse and use this playbook as a communications tool to educate and inform all of your key stakeholders. .

We believe this playbook is especially timely given that the natural gas industry has arrived at a defining moment.  Thanks to an unprecedented abundance of natural gas supply, both domestically and globally, our industry is poised to reshape not only U.S. energy policy, but also the international natural gas market, as interest in, and demand for this invaluable energy resource continues to grow.

We hope you will take full advantage of the information included in this playbook. Together we can lead the effort to advance our common interest in supplying America with an abundant, efficient and clean foundation fuel: natural gas.

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