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The Progress Policy Institute released a primer on natural gas titled, “Natural Gas Reconsidered.” The primer is intended to be a resource for people who are newcomers to the energy and natural gas dialogue. It’s a clean read with lots of visuals to make the information easier to understand.

It’s another great piece of work from our friend Roger Cooper. Roger has always been a big fan of natural gas. He has a great writing style so I’m glad to see him still producing this type of work.

Roger covers the huge supply of natural gas and the process (hydraulic fracturing) that has led to this abundance. The section on hydraulic fracturing gives a fairly comprehensive overview so I’m sure that will draw a lot of interest. Some of the other topics covered include:

  • economic impact
  • jobs
  • clean energy
  • energy efficiency
  • efficient transport and storage
  • fueling transportation
  • residential and commercial uses

There’s a lot more there. Take a trip over to PPI to read the full paper. It’s a quick read.

The paper was officially released during “The Natural Gas Revolution: Promise and Pitfalls” event. The discussion at the event centered around the benefits and challenges for the natural gas industry. If you haven’t seen it yet, the post actually includes video from the event.


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