Dan Gibson Natural gas roadster: Magnolia Special

CNGnow was tweeting about a natural gas roadster the other day so I decided to take a look. I’m not much of a car guy myself but we have a bunch of engineers at AGA that are car/bike enthusiasts so I’m always on the lookout for something cool to pass along to them. Especially if it runs on natural gas.

People are doing all sorts of conversions/creations. We’ve featured a GTO, a Hummer, a Tahoe, even a natural gas motorcycle from the guys from Orange County Choppers. That one was especially popular with the Harley guys around the office.

So I thought, “yeah, a roadster, why not?” The roadster certainly didn’t disappoint.

From the article:

Conceived in 2008, a scale model was built to determine proportional relationships, and placement of the advanced extruded alloy core, composite wrapped, compressed natural gas storage tanks. Incorporation of the greater volume of storage mandated by a gaseous fuel into the overall design of the body was paramount. A first in automobile design and construction, the Magnolia Special was from inception, a dedicated compressed natural gas vehicle.

They have a ton of pictures to go with the rest of the story.

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