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stelzer2We’re gearing up for our next Natural Gas Roundtable on Thursday May 28. This month’s speaker is Dr. Irwin Stelzer, senior fellow and director of Hudson Institute. Dr. Stelzer’s topic will be:  “The Impact on the Natural Gas Industry of Emerging Energy Policy.” Definitely a timely discussion.

Dr. Stelzer is a senior fellow and director of Hudson Institute’s economic policy studies group.  Prior to joining Hudson Institute in 1998, Stelzer was resident scholar and director of regulatory policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute.  He also is the U.S. economic and political columnist for The Sunday Times (London) and The Courier Mail (Australia), and a contributing editor of The Weekly Standard.

The Natural Gas Roundtable always gets a great speaker. Last month, we had Red Cavaney, ConocoPhillips‘ senior vice president of Government and Public Affairs. Red also served as the CEO of API and on the senior White House staff for Presidents Reagan, Ford and Nixon. You can read a recap of that Roundtable over at Platts.


Red Cavaney, ConocoPhillips’ senior vice president of Government and Public Affairs, after his remarks at the Natural Gas Roundtable.

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