Lauren Blosse U.S. Natural Gas Supply-Then There Was Abundance

I’d like to call attention to a prolific report on U.S. natural gas supply written by my colleague Chris McGill. The report, U.S. Natural Gas Supply- Then There Was Abundance, was released today by AGA with the purpose of addressing common questions about the natural gas supply picture in the United States and North America.

Written in Chris’ usual “cut to the chase” style, the report includes an informative Q&A section along with graphs to illustrate many of these points. It provides critical information about both conventional and unconventional sources of gas (deep-water!  subsalt! arctic sands!) and about the transmission and importation of gas (what about Canada & Mexico?).

I always find it interesting that there are a healthy number of misconceptions about U.S. natural gas supply, despite the fact that natural gas fuels over half of American homes comfortably and reliably.  Chris’ report addresses many of these unknowns.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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