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I don’t get out of the office nearly enough. Luckily, the format for conferences is gradually evolving as technology improves. A great example of this is the National Natural Gas Vehicle Conference-Summit hosted by Natural Gas Vehicles for America.

Nick Stavropoulos from National Grid was scheduled to give the welcome for the event but was also scheduled to do an interview with C-Span (see Chris’s post from yesterday). What to do? Well, how bout a nice video introduction from Nick that will play this morning. You can watch the embedded video below if you weren’t able to attend.

The summit, being held in Boston, started yesterday and continues through the 14th. They have a wide range of programs examining the benefits of natural gas vehicles. A sampling of the sessions includes:

  • Can Washington Embrace Revolution? A Candid Look at the Mood and Mayhem on Capitol Hill
  • Detroit’s Re-Engagement: Implications for the Light-Duty OEM Market
  • Striking a Balance: EPA’s Proposed Streamlining of Aftermarket Conversion/Retrofit Rules
  • The Communications Revolution: Should We Twitter? Do We Blog?
  • Capitalizing on the MDV/HDV Opportunity: Assuring OEMs’ Success and Continued Investment
  • Global NGV Snapshot: The Rapid Growth of NGVs Around the World
  • The Grass Roots Revolution: Fostering Collaboration at the Local and State Level

You can download a full conference program over at the site. If you’re at the summit, leave us a comment below on how it’s going. I’ll be checking out twitter to catch what I can.

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