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Yes, for all you kids out there, that is a Justin Timberlake reference. I am only slightly ancient.

The folks over at NGVsNow have put together a great tongue-in-cheek video touting the benefits of natural gas vehicles. They did such a good job that Wired actually picked up the story. My favorite line from the Wired story: “video got over 4,000 hits in the first 36 hours it was up and, unusually for YouTube, generated a nearly-intelligent discussion among commenters about the merits of natural gas as an alternative fuel.”

Head on over to NGVsnow.com to watch more videos. The site is packed with great information. I grabbed this off their facts page.

  • According to U.S. Energy Information Administration, only 1 percent of today’s natural gas consumption in the U.S. is currently used for vehicle fuel.
  • Natural gas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions for heavy-duty trucks, when compared to diesel powered vehicles, by 23 percent. Compared to diesel powered vehicles, using natural gas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions for passenger vehicles by 30 percent.
  • Natural gas engines reduce smog-producing pollutants by up to 90 percent and hydrocarbon emissions by 50-70 percent, compared to gasoline.
  • Converting one truck from diesel to natural gas is the equivalent of taking as many as 325 cars off the road in terms of pollution reduction.
  • Converting just 350,000 of the more than 2 million 18-wheelers on the road from burning imported diesel to running on domestic natural gas would create 420,000 jobs directly and add an additional 1.2 million jobs indirectly.
  • According to NGVAmerica, of the more than 10 million natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in operation around the world only about 130,000 NGVs — about 1.3 percent — are in the United States. The top five markets for NGVs are Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Iran and India.
  • Approximately 20 percent of public transit buses in the U.S. run on compressed natural gas (CNG). In Los Angeles alone there are more than 2,800 NGV buses in operation. States with the highest consumption of natural gas for transportation are California, New York, Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.
  • NGVs have also become popular among many types of fleets besides public transportation, including taxi fleets, courier and delivery fleets, government and police fleets, community fleets, and trades and commercial fleets.
  • Natural Gas has an existing distribution infrastructure. With 1.5 million miles of gas pipe and distribution lines crisscrossing the country, natural gas is available to nearly every street and community in America.
  • An 18-wheeler uses up to 20,000 gallons of fuel per year. Replacing only 100,000 of these trucks with those powered by natural gas would immediately cut our consumption of diesel fuel up to 2 billion gallons per year.
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