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A little while ago I sent out a request to a few people though my LinkedIn connections asking if anyone had a good video on natural gas they wanted to share. Well, I hit the jackpot on that one. Annette Martinez with Nicor Gas sent me the video below. I’ve pulled out some highlights  and posted them after the video but I urge you to watch. It’s filled with compelling stories. My takeaway is the reminder that the people that work at the utilities are not only a part of the community…in many cases they are the community.

Some of the highlights from 2008:

  • The Nicor gas sharing program raised $13 million in financial aid helping more than 76,000 customers.
  • Nicor’s employees helped exceed the company’s United Way Campaign goal by raising more than $525,000 in contributions. This type of support of the United Way has been consistent as Nicor has ranked int he top 50 of Chicago corporate United Way donors for the past 17 years.
  • 400 Nicor Volunteers participated in the annual March of Dimes’ walk. Nicor matched employee donations and more than $100,000 was given to help babies be born healthy. That made Nicor the 5th largest donor in Illinois. They were recognized with the Marquis Award. Terri Dusch, an employee of Nicor gas had some great words around the enent. It probably hit very close to home for her as her son Ryan was born 13 weeks early.
  • More than 1000 Nicor employees completed service projects throughout Northern Illinois.
  • Nicor’s green initiatives. They have a pilot program using hybrid vehicles but where Nicor has really excels is their award winning prairies. Nicor has taken some of their properties and converted them back to prairie land providing a great ecosystem that captures carbon out of the air and filters water. The prairies have been recognized by the EPA, Southern Gas association, and Chicago Wilderness for providing valuable environmental and ecological benefits.
  • Safety is one of the core beliefs at AGA. The same holds true for our members. Nicor provided natural gas safety training to 1360 firefighters and participated in 55 Fire Department Open Houses educating thousands of people about natural gas safety.
  • Nicor helped establish Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Foundations that resulted in nearly $3 million in Illinois scholarships.
  • Annette was especially proud of the Adventures in Reading program designed to foster a life-long love of reading among children. More than 76,000 books have been read by young students as a result of the program. She’s sending me a separate video on that so I’ll write more later.

Great work on an amazing video Nicor. I think this quote might sum it up best.

It’s important our customers see us as not only a natural gas utility but also as a part of the community
Anthony McCain, VP Field Operations, Nicor.

Thanks for sending this along Annette. If you have a similar video to share, let me know in the comments.

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